Oh! Naturals Banana Chips

As more and more people start to look for healthier meal options, they often find that it’s easy enough to substitute better foods at bigger meal times like breakfast and dinner, but they struggle to find healthy foods for other times of day. Healthy snacks are essential to good wellbeing, as they help prevent overeating at dinner, and they keep energy levels at their peak all day long.

The best kinds of snacks are those that are easy to grab and go. They will not require refrigeration, and ideally, you won’t even need utensils to consume them. These types of snacks can easily be stashed in a purse, briefcase, lunch box or glove compartment, ready to be snacked on at a moment’s notice. Popular choices include potato chips, crackers, fruit snacks and candy. These aren’t very good choices, however, because they are loaded with fat, empty carbs and sugar. Better options include rice cakes and nuts, but these can quickly become tiresome.
If you are tired of nibbling on rice cakes, consider trying Oh! Naturals banana chips they are available in Chocolate, Strawberry Natural, vanilla and melon, flavours. In addition to being low fat, salt free, nut free, gluten free, sulfite free, cholesterol free and preservative free, these crunchy snacks are absolutely delicious. In fact, you don’t even have to save banana chips for snack time! Try adding them to your favorite cereal at breakfast or crunching them and using them as a flavorful topping for ice cream or yogurt. The opportunities to use these versatile chips are endless, and best of all, kids love them, too!
Shortly Oh! Naturals will be introducing Sweet Potato snack in 5 flavours Mesquite BBQ, Salt and Pepper, Lime Chili, Lime Ginger and Wasabi flavours

Banana chips and sweet potato fries are the perfect mid-day or late-night morsels for busy moms and dads, picky children, studying teens, hardworking adults and everyone in between. These snacks taste so good and are so full of flavour, you might find yourself wondering how they can be so healthy!

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